Thursday, July 31, 2008

My poor poor puppy

Monday Sara noticed Sammy was bleeding from somewhere, so with a little further investigation, we found it was from a growth (or skin tag) on her chest that she had scratched or caught on something. I was trying to figure out whether I needed to take her to the emergency vet or not and decided to try a little home remedy first. I put some Neosporin on her and covered it with a bandage. Then, of course, we had to put a t-shirt on her so she wouldn't pull the bandage off @@. I really am trying to give a little background here, not write a novel.

Anywayyyyyyyyyy Tuesday I took her to the vet and he thought it was time to take it off and in the meantime we discovered several more he was going to treat at the same time. Poor Sammy had to spend the night there and I had to go home and miss my constant companion. Ya know it's one thing to go on vacation and not have her around because I'm in a different place, but being at home and not having her there felt very very strange.

Wednesday I picked her up and she looked like she'd been in a terrible fight! The vet removed eight tags and she has stitches in her head, on her ear, two places on her face, and various other places on her body. Poor baby. She looks so bad. She was really REALLY glad to be picked up and we drove on over to work. It didn't take her long to start rubbing and scratching at herself, so I had to driver BACK over to the vet's (about a 30 minute drive) and pick up some pain pills and a cone so she couldn't get to her boo boos. No sooner had I arrived back at the office, the vet calls and tells me he meant to give her some different pain medication and to come back over so he could switch it out. I DON"T THINK SO!!!!! She didn't seem in any pain really, so we just put on the cone and of course within 10 minutes she had it off. This is much harder than I imagined and while patience is not something I have a lot of to begin with, I have even less in situations like this. Well it's now a day later and we're doing better. She doesn't seem to be messing with herself, but she still looks terrible. We have to go back to the vet tomorrow to have him take the bandage off her ear, which she has already removed. Oh well.... we'll let him check everything to make sure it's looking okay.

I've been wanting to blog again, but haven't had anything interesting to say, so I'm following Erin's advice and just writing what happens during the day.... boring or not.